We all want the best for our children.  One of the fundamental ways of providing them with the best possible start in life is by ensuring they reach their potential.  One-to-one tuition is the ideal way to do this.

I offer tuition in English and Maths, the two core subjects that everybody needs to succeed in life. I support children from Primary to GCSE level, including preparation for 11+ and Common Entrance exams.  Whether your child is working towards a specific exam or requires support to flourish in the classroom environment, I will tailor-make a programme focused on your child’s individual needs.

I will work closely with your child, simultaneously building on their strengths and addressing their weaknesses, whilst also encouraging them to develop transferable skills such as problem-solving, study techniques and strategies for success. My approach will encourage your child to develop confidence in their abilities.

I also offer tuition for adults who require a minimum grade in GCSE English and/or Maths to enable them to apply for further/higher education. In addition, I provide tuition in English for Speakers of Other Languages in preparation for the Cambridge exams.

For further information about my services, please get in touch with me via the contact page.