Improving English: Writing

There are many ways to improve your writing but the first and most important one is to…write.

Do not worry about creating the perfect sentence or finding the exact word.  Allow yourself to experiment with an imperfect draft; then you have something concrete to work on and improve.  As with anything, regular practice will lead to gradual improvement.

With this in mind, make writing a habit by writing something every day, even if just for five minutes.  You could keep a separate notebook for this purpose. If you’re preparing for exams, you could write a few lines in response to a question, an analysis of a line of a poem, the opening sentence of a piece of descriptive writing, a summary of your response to an essay title, anything.  You do not have to write the entire piece but simply a sentence or two.  Later, you can review your work and think about ways to improve it.

Write something; after all, you cannot edit a blank page.


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